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Roger Cooke, January 24th, 1941 to March 27th, 2012

The Late Roger Cooke, Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator, Muralist, Portraits

To view many of the towns where Cooke created murals, click on "Murals" button above.

Roger Cooke original classic oil paintings may only be available in Giclee prints for a few months of 2014. Click on "Giclee" button above.

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The Soft-bound book Ocian in View! O! the Joy with Lewis and Clark in the State of Washington is available for $39.95 plus $10 shipping. Click on "Interpretive Artwork" button above.

Several print illustrations of historic scenes ( Oregon Trail, Lewis and Clark in Idaho, Washington and Oregon) are available through other websites. There are no signed or original illustrations available from Roger Cooke Fine Arts or from any other websites legally.

AutoBiography of Roger Cooke, Professional Artist - 1970 through 2012

Tuesday morning, March 27th, 2012, Roger Cooke won his three year battle with Multiple Myeloma cancer and is now at rest in his heavenly home.

Roger Cooke's paintings, prints and sculptures are displayed in homes, businesses, and museums across the country. His murals are scattered throughout the United States from West to East, earning him the title "Johnny Appleseed of America's small-town murals". (Click on the "Murals" button to see some of the many places you can find a Roger Cooke mural.)
"Land Rush" Alva OK.

Thorough research was part of every creative effort, each work executed with skill and care. Authenticity gave Cooke's work authority. His artistic talent and love for his subject gave it life.

As a teenager, his education included an initial interest to pursue a formal art career by enrolling in Art Instruction School's Correspondence Course. After working in the woods for a year, this encouraged him to enroll at Portland State University's art program for two years and then on to the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles for four years, where he majored in illustration, graduating in 1970. He joined Jackson-Zender Studio in Indianapolis, IN for almost two years before venturing to Oregon to begin free-lancing in illustration.

After being introduced to Husberg Fine Arts Gallery of Sedona, AZ in 1974, Cooke began his fine arts oil painting career, painting in oils on masonite. Even after Husberg's Gallery moved to Scottsdale AZ, Cooke's "signature style" of paintings continued to be sought after. This style of oil painting that looks so realistic as to be a photograph, but upon closer examination have a "wash" background and high quality realistic figures and horses, set Cooke apart from other artists. National Western Art magazines such as Art West, Southwest Art, Wild West, and Bugle magazine have featured his paintings.

he Berry Pickers.

The public has appreciated the availability of Cooke's Classic Western Art paintings made into prints and greeting cards through such publishers as the Greenwich Workshop, Leanin' Tree, Antioch and Sunrise Publishers, and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

drifting the columbia "Drifting the Columbia" print.

The Oregon Sesquicentennial re-enactment of the Oregon Trail and the re-enactment of the Lewis and Clark historic Expedition during 2003-2006 gave Cooke a great opportunity to again use his illustrating talents to produce hundreds of illustrations about these incredible historic events. Robert Carriker's informative text and judicious use of quotes from William Clark's journals impart both a historian's perspective AND a sense of actually being part of the expedition.The Washington State Historical Society commissioned Cooke to illustrate William Clark's diary accounts, illustrations that depicted the Corp of Discovery's journey in the State of Washington. These Lewis and Clark illustrations have been spread like creamy peanut butter across the entire length of the trail in Washington - from Clarkston to Long Beach - a roadside marker project that ineluctably led to the production of a book, Ocian in View! O! the Joy. Roger Cooke Fine Arts Paintings and Murals for sale

The Soft-bound book Ocian in View! O! the Joy with Lewis and Clark in the State of Washington is available for $39.95 plus $10 shipping. Click Here for more info.

In the forward of this book Ocian in View! O! the Joy: "Roger is in great demand because of his tangible skill at recreating historical scenes, and especially so during the Lewis and Clark bicentennial, working on projects in other states concurrently with this one in the state of Washington. It is no exaggeration to say that one of the great legacies of the bicentennial [in WA] is the visual record of the Lewis and Clark experience created by Cooke for the roadside project..."

You may continue to send inquiries to Edna Cooke through the website "Contact" button.

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